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  1. Dear Criptotendencia,
    It is very sad to read about fraudelent in Your article.
    Coinliker is a well known scammer website on Reddit and other cryptocurrency forums.
    Coinliker has mixed ripoff content and random generated clickbait “forecast” pages wihout any contact, TOS, it is an anonym domain.
    This pure “made for Adsense” project is full of similar random fraudelent informations.
    I think you should remove it from Criptotendencia, because more and more naive users believe in this one-man scam project.

    • Hello…

      We do not have in the list about Coinliker, can you tell us where you saw it or what do you mean?

      If we hate something in CriptoTendencia, they are the scammers.


  2. pero he estado leyendo con respecto a ripple y bueno son buenas expectativas para primer trimestre del año y bueno espero verlo en 5 o mas que piensan ?


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